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1920 Evil Returns Online Movie to Watch

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In the 1920 Evil Returns Movie, Jaidev Verma was a famous poet who lived the life of a loner as he could not meet the love of his life, Smruti.

They got to know each other through an exchange of letters and slowly fell in love. One day, Jaidev receives a letter informing him that Smruti had an accident and expired. Now his sister Karuna is the only support system that keeps him motivated.

One day Jaidev finds an insentient girl near a river and brings her home. After gaining consciousness, she is unable to recall anything from her past life except Jaidev’s poems. Karuna becomes skeptical of her presence in the house. And becomes smooth, more so when the cemetery’s keeper warns them of an evil spirit confidential of her who is in love with her.

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Movie Information

Movie:- 1920: The Evil Returns (2012)

Starcast:- Aftab Shivdasani, Sharad Kelkar, Tia Bajpai, Vidya Malvade

Directed by:- Bhushan Patel

Produced By:- Vikram Bhatt

Music by:- Chirantan Bhatt


The 1920 Evil Returns movie begins with Smruti (Tia Bajpai) trapped in her house because of an evil spirit. As destiny would have it, the evil spirit sabotages her journey and leaves her for dead. A servant brings her a blessed mirror that will help her escape the house and reach her lover Jaidev (Aftab Shivdasani), whom she had never seen or met and who also thinks she is dead.

Elsewhere, the only poet/, Shayar Jaedev, began to drink, believing that Samruti would never return to his life. As he searches for inspiration for her hair, Jaydev finds Samruti unconscious on the beach and brings her home.

Smruti lost her memory, and Jaedev doesn’t recognize her either. Jaedev’s sister, Karuna (Vidya Malvad), is skeptical of Samruti’s presence at home and becomes even more so when the cemetery guard warns them of an evil spirit in Samruti.

But Jaedev is determined to keep Samruti at home because he feels connected to strange things that start to happen, with Smruti vomiting iron nails and seeing ghosts in his room. On the way to see a doctor, Smruti becomes the complete owner of the poltergeist. The only person Jaedev can turn to now is the cemetery guard.

Who is the evil spirit later? Will Smruti and Jaidev identify each other?

Do they save Smruti? And is someone else in the housekeeping a secret? Apart from this horror movie you can also watch political drama such as pm narendra modi (2019 720p download filmyzilla)

Link to Watch the Movie

1920: Evil Returns (2012) – IMDb

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