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Crystal Lake Movies

Crystal Lake Movies is a Japanese metalcore group from Tokyo, formed in 2002. The band includes guitarists Yudai Miyamoto and Hisatsugu Taji, singer Ryo Kinoshita, bassist Mitsuru, and drummer Gaku Taura, who is a previous associate of Nocturnal Bloodlust. After Shinya Hori’s leaving, Miyamoto is the only member of the unique line-up who remains in the band. Crystal Lake has released five studio albums. Their newest studio album, Helix, was released on 28 November 2018.

Formation and first releases (2002–2005): Crystal Lake Movies

Formation and first releases (2002–2005) Crystal Lake Movies

Crystal Lake was precast in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. Their initial demo, Freewill, was free in February in period for the demonstration in Korea which they were bid to by GMC Records. The second demo, One Word Changes All, came out in July, and a self-released four-track EP, also entitled Freewill released in September with 1000 copies made and sold. In September 2003, Crystal Lake occupy yourself five shows in Japan with the Australian group Day of Contempt

From March to June 2004, they sightsaw with Loyal to the Grave and Extinguish the Fire. Next to the end of the trip, the bands released a riven album titled Blood of Judas on CD and DVD.

On 29 April 2005, the band free their second divided album with Risen and Unboy titled 3 Way Riven. They also toured in Malaysia.

Dimension and Taste of Chaos 2007 (2006–2007): Crystal Lake Movies

Dimension and Taste of Chaos 2007 (2006–2007) Crystal Lake Movies

In February 2006, they achieved at Individuality D. On 5 July 2006, the crew released their original studio scrapbook titled Dimension finished Imperium Recordings. After the announcement of the album, they died on “Dimension Tour” in Japan.

In February 2007, they achieved a Metal Presentation with Australian band I Murdered Prom Queen and Hatebreed on “Hatebreed Japan Tour” in March. In November 2007, they occupy yourself on Rockstar’s “Taste of Chaos” in Japan.

3rd split album and Taste of Chaos 2008 (2008–2009)

In May 2008, they released their 3rd split album on CD with the Japan punk band Cleave. In Nov 2008, they performed yet again at Rockstar’s “Taste of Chaos” in Japan.

January 2009, they travel around in Japan with Parkway Drive and Shai Hulud.

The Great Beyond and Nishimura’s departure (2010–2011)

On 27 May 2010, Crystal Lake released an able download sample Endeavor on their MySpace page. Crystal Lake also broadcast done MySpace, Twitter, FB and YouTube a new music video “Twisted Fate” from their forthcoming second studio album titled Into the Great Beyond. On Eleven June 2011, the founding singer Kentaro Nishimura left the gang.

Line-up change and Cubes (2012–2015)

On 24 March 2012, the original rhythms Yusuke Ishihara left the band. On 3 July, they declared their new vocalist Ryo Kinoshita on their FB page with a statement. Today, we are happy to announce the newest addition to the Crystal Lake Family, please give a sincere welcome to the new vocalist Ryo.” The next day, the band broadcasted that Gaku Taura will be their provision on drums. They also announced that they were successful to release a new single in the summer. On 5 Sep, they released two new songs “The Fire Inside” and “Overcome” which was mixed and grasped by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings.

From 26 Jan to 1 Feb 2013, they toured with As Blood Innings Black and Confession. In May 2013, they sightsaw with The Ghost Inside and Continents. After that, they communal the stage with Emmure and they toured crossways Japan on the Sumerian Tour 2013 through Born of Osiris. Upon a Boiling Body and Her Name in Blood. Later in 2013, the group went on a secondary tour for Coldrain, Her Designation in Blood, Crossfaith, Beforehand My Life Fails, SiM, and Total fat.

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