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How to Solve [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error

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[pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error

Have you been finding the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error while trying to send or receive emails using your Outlook account? You’re not alone. It’s a rare Outlook error that usually gets triggered due to network connectivity problems.

However, several other factors can also make you run into the said error.

The great news is that you can troubleshoot this error by yourself. This guide will talk about various factors that cause the PII error and what techniques you can utilize to fix it. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Causes of [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error in MS Outlook

In general, the error happens when MS Outlook fails to build a secure connection with the email server. But, as we stated earlier, many other reasons may trigger this error as well. Some of these reasons include:

Your device is not connected to an active Internet connection

Your Outlook profile has been damaged due to external factors

There are wrong antivirus configurations on your PC

FIles on your POP3 server are damaged

How to Fix [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768]

So, now that you know what triggers the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error in Outlook, let’s look at the solutions that’ll help you fix it.

Check Your Internet Connection

Since a bad network connection is the primary cause of it, start by checking your Internet connection.

Make sure that your device has active Internet connectivity. You can try accessing other online services to see if the Internet is working or not.

Change the Configurations

If you have recently installed an Antivirus program on your PC, it might be configured to scan emails automatically. If that’s the case, the Antivirus will restrict the Outlook app from functioning correctly.

So, make sure to change the Antivirus Configurations by disabling the “Email Scanning” feature.

Reinstall/Update Outlook

Reinstalling or updating Outlook to the latest version is another effective way to fix the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error. When you reinstall the app, delete all the damaged files, and you can eliminate the problems

Explicit Unnecessary Emails from Outlook Folder

If your main inbox has too many unnecessary emails, they’ll cause bandwidth issues. It is the reason it’s always advised to clear the unnecessary emails from your Outlook folders.

While you’re at it, make sure to clear the Trash as well. It will help your Outlook app to deliver optimal performance.


So, if you’ve been facing the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error for a while now, those methods mentioned above will help you fix the problem. Follow these tricks and access your Outlook account without any hassle.

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