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Improve Your Performance in Indoor Cycling with This App

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Vingo is an Indoor Cycling app that will change your work-out routine forever. It is also a virtual space where you can meet and train with people from across the world.

So, if you are new to the world of virtual fitness, you will notice that it is very different from the real world. It takes a lot of practice to get around the online space and train in it, but once you get used to it, you will never even think of signing up in a gym. The app is very effective for a lot of reasons, but there are several ways it has helped people so far. Here are some ways in Vingo, with which you can improve your game too.

Set a Schedule (On the App)

Once you start up with Vingo, you need to fix your desired targets and goals on the app. This way you can rest easy about a lot of stuff, like keeping track of your progress, setting daily targets, monthly goals and so much more. The app will automatically assess your activity and give you feedback on improvements too.

Say for example, you have fixed a target of cycling at least 50kms this week. You can set the desired target in the app and based on your performance, the app will automatically suggest you to go faster or even go slower.

If the target of a distance is daunting for you, you can use the in-built map as an objective. So, you can schedule to finish a circuit within the desired period of time.

Team up with Friends or even Strangers

You can call up your friends and family to join you on the app. On Vingo you can share your virtual space with your loved ones and exercise with them at the same time. No matter where they are in your city, you can connect with them through the Online cycling app and work-out together. This way you can encourage each other to get fit. Teaming up with the ideal people will give ideal results. Vingo gives you the space, you can explore it at your will.

Get Expert Guidance

On Vingo, you can find all sorts of people. It is both an Indoor cycling app and a social network. Everyone from trained athletes to avid beginners get into the app every day, to either start off their journey or improve their game. You can meet such professionals anytime you want and you can also talk to them real-time, over voice chat.

Even more, you will also find communities within the app. People join these communities especially to be more focussed on their performance. They share tips and suggestions on how to perform better. You can share your ideas too. You can be both a master and a student in the app. Guide or be guided to improvement.

There’s a lot more you can do on the app. Join us there and learn more about fitness and cycling.

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