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Khuda Haafiz is a story of a tanu tanu newly married couple’s life falls in jeopardy when the wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Apart from this action movie you can also download on famous sites amazing such as – sultan full movie download pagalmovies

Movie Information

Khuda haafiz Full Movie Infor

Director: Faruk Kabir
Writer: Faruk Kabir
Stars: Vidyut Jammwal Shivaleeka Oberoi Annu Kapoor


In 2007, Sameer was a software engineer and businessman who fell in love with Narcissus and married him. Both lost their works as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. Three months later, they got a job in Noman with the help of Nadim (Fibin Sharma).

Nargis is the first to call Sameer in panic after her arrival, sobbing over her abduction. Samir surrenders to Manman, Osman helps him find Nargis.

Sameer and Usman visit brothels searching for Nargis and find her in one. Still, he is attacked by the proprietors and becomes violent, killing men, followed by a vehicle pursuit that ends in a wreck and his imprisonment.

Back in the present, as soon as Sameer finishes telling his story, he was approached by a Nomani policeman named Faiz Abu Malik, who agrees to help him, with Officer Tamina joining him. Before Isaac reveals that Nargis survived, the two fight severely.dhoom 2 full movie watch online hotstar

Faiz and Tamena arrive, and he reveals that Fayez is an ally of Iztec. Tamina was subject to Faiz long enough for Samir to escape, and Samir and Fayez had a fistfight that defeated Faiz.

The movie ends with Sameer and Nargis ready to board the plane for India. Samir invites Osman to visit India and meet their family before they leave.

Khuda Haafiz is released on August 13, 2020, and directed by Farouk Kabir. This movie is 2 hours 13 minutes long and is available in Hindi.

Vidyut Jammwall, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Anu Kapoor, and Ahanna Komra play the role of the cast star. You can watch the movie online on Hotstar if you subscribe to the OTT video streaming platform.

Khuda Haafiz gets a bink rating of 7.5 digits out of 10, a great film to watch in both action and romance genres.

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