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Sultan Movie is the story of the young Sultan Haryanvi Ali Khan (Salman Khan), who falls in love with Arafa (Anushka Sharma). Arafa wrestling aims to win Olympic gold for India. She rejects Sultan’s love as wanting to concerns about her dream. It also motivates Sultan to learn wrestling. He asks Barakat Hussein, Arafa’s father (Komod Mishra), for help and promises to win the state-run tournament.

After a weak start, Sultan trains to become impervious and reaches the top. At this moment he loses all happiness in his life and seeks dark comfort. Many years later, the Sultan was approached by Akash (Amit), who wants him to participate in the MMA tournament. Sultan gets himself into proper shape with help of a new trainer (Randeep Hooda) and decides to win back his lost glory.

About of Sultan Movie and Review

Movie Summary All in one Small Box.

Movie Name Sultan (2016 Hindi Flim)

Producer Aditya Chopra

Director Ali Abbas Zafar

Stars and Crew

Salman Khan Anushka Sharma


Release Date 6 July 2016 (India)

Movie Type Action And Romantic

Language Hindi(Hindustani)

Story of Sultan Movie

Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) is a former middle-aged wrestling champion, living a modest and lonely life in the small town of Haryana. His father, Akash Oberoi (Amit Sadeh), founder of a special mixed martial arts league, encouraged the recruitment of an Indian wrestler to save the league’s popularity.

He went to Haryana to make an offer to Sultan, who categorically refused and said that he had completely withdrawn from the struggle. Looking for the reason for his retirement, Akash confronts Sultan’s close friend, Govind (Anant Sharma), who tells how Sultan’s career began.

When he claims that they are committed, she insults him, saying she would only marry a well-trained wrestler. Therefore he determines to win her respect, Sultan dedicates himself to intense training and ultimately wins a state-level wrestling tournament, as well as Aarfa.

The two get married and become recognized wrestlers, representing India in various international games. When the two are selected for the Olympic contingent, Aarfa discovers that she’s pregnant. She gives up her childhood dream of winning an Olympic gold medal for India, which Sultan then fulfills.

To her surprise, Sultan’s accomplishment makes him arrogant, and he slaps a reporter at an event. He also leaves Aarfa nearing her due date to win gold at Turkey. Upon returning, he finds that his newborn son had died due to severe anemia. The baby had a rare O- blood type, identical to Sultan’s, whose absence deprived the child of a donor. Angered, Aarfa decides to leave Sultan and reside with her father.


Depressed from losing his wife and child, Sultan raises funds to open a blood bank of his son’s name. In the present day, Aakash promises Sultan that the tournament’s prize money will fulfill his dream of opening a blood bank.

Sultan agrees to participate and travels to train in Delhi, where Aakash introduces him to MMA coach Fateh Singh who initially refuses him but agrees after seeing his determination. After two months of training, Sultan regains his physique and learns how to wrestle freestyle.

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