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Sunil Chhetri Net Worth

Sunil Chhetri is very famous and famous in his football career, and he has always worked hard in his life to succeed his goals and achievements and achieved great things and helped teams win titles. Therefore, his salary is much less than any other sports or cricketer, and he earns $1.1 million while other famous sports or cricketers make twice as much.

However, his primary source of income is football matches only. In other games, it remains calculated differently, and in general, its salary is different. He’s not involved in any endorsements or collaborations, or maybe he’s making a small one, but he has made investments in his fortune.

Main Contract Sunil ChhetriMain Contract Sunil Chhetri

Sunil is currently playing with the Indian team and Bengaluru FC. Each player has different contracts, and his contracts are three to four years, and he has extended his contract with Bengaluru FC for more than two years and will play for Indian. Super League until 2023.

He said, following his contract extension: “I am delighted to have signed with Bengaluru FC for another two years. Now the city is my home, and the people at this club are like family to me. It felt like yesterday that I signed here for the first time, and I have to say the race was just extraordinary.

Awards And Achievements

1, 2011; The Indian government awarded him the Arjuna Award for his outstanding sports achievements.

2.2019; He received the Padma Shri as the fourth highest civilian honor.

The Early Life Of Sunil Chhetri

National football team captain Sunil was born in 1984 in Secunderabad, India, and the player celebrates his birthday on August 3 every year. In 2022, he is 37 years old.

Born in August, his sun sign is Leo.

Family And Siblings

The winger is the son of his father K.B. Chhetri and mother Sushila Chhetri. Professionally, his father served in the Indian Army Corps of Mechanical and Electronic Engineers.

Net Worth Of Sunil ChhetriNet Worth Of Sunil Chhetri

Cars: Sunil Chhetri doesn’t own many cars, and he only has one, an Audi A6. He also has bicycles and other vehicles, but their names are unknown.

House: Sunil Chhetri lives in Bangalore’s most fantastic house. It is a type of country house or sanctuary.


Few data are available on his education. Sunil Chhetri hasn’t revealed anything about his upbringing, so we can’t say much. Robot Movie However, we do know that he attended Asutosh College to graduate. Goodbye. Whether or not he finished it remains a mystery.


To sum up, Sunil Chhetri is a phenomenon of Indian football. He has also become a massive name in international football thanks to his goals at home. He has just overtaken the great Argentinian Lionel Messi. His fans call him Captain Fantastic, and he is one.

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