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Wyze Error Code 90 – Fix in Few Seconds [2022]

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For Wise error code 90, when I tried to access my Wyze cameras through the Wyze app, I got an message with error code 90.

The camera footage was completely inaccessible from the app, although the cameras are working.

I couldn’t access the footage on my phone with the Wyze app, which defeats the entire purpose of a security camera.

This is a serious problem that some may even misunderstand as a possible security breach, as your images cannot be accessed in real-time.

So I created this troubleshooting guide to help you fix the Wyze camera error code 90 popup.

To fix error code 90 on Wyze, check your hardware and internet connection for errors.

Power cycle the camera and perform factory reset.

If all else fails, install older firmware on the Wyze camera. Wyze error code 90 indicates that Wyze camera is offline.

What is Wyze Error Code 90?

Error code 90 means your Wyze camera cannot communicate with the Wyze servers.

As a result, you cannot access your video footage from that particular Wyze camera.

This can also cause events not to be logged in Wyze.

Because the Wyze app relies on Wyze servers to store and display images from Wyze cameras, this communication gap removes the feature entirely.

The problem is also broad enough to have many plausible factors that could have caused this problem.

Wyze Error code 90

Check Wyze camera hardware

Wyze, a smart security camera that relies heavily on the internet, doesn’t like any roadblock or obstacle in wireless connectivity.

Wyze camera hardware wear and tear can be the main cause of network outages and cause Type 90 error messages to appear.

Check your Wyze camera hardware for any visible damage.

Since this is an outdoor camera, it will likely wear out at some point in its lifespan.

Remove the microSD card from the Wyze camera and connect it to a phone or laptop and see if it works properly.

Minor scratches are probably okay, but if the Wyze cameras show any physical deformity, you should have it checked, preferably by a licensed technician.

Check the connectors and cables for correctness when inspecting the Wyze camera body for damage.

If the cables show signs of wear, replace them. Your best bet is to go with Wyze accessories or a reputable brand from a reputable seller.

Unpair and pair the Wyze camera in the Wyze app

A simple unpairing and pairing can sometimes resolve all issues related to the network not connecting to the specific Wyze camera.

How to Fix The Wyze Error Code 90?

Follow the steps below to unlink the Wyze camera from the Wyze app:

Open the Wyze app.

On the app home page, click the pencil icon.

Tap Edit Devices.

Click the red icon next to the Wyze camera you want to unlink.

Select Done.

This will unpair the selected Wyze camera from the Wyze app.

Turn your Wyze cameras off and on

When you get the error code 90 popup, Wyze will first ask you to turn it off and on.

Also, this troubleshooting step applies to almost all Wyze camera-related issues, such as B.

Wyze motion sensor not working or Wyze camera not recording to the SD card.

A power cycle is, simply put, a reset performed on your Wyze camera hardware that resets and updates the camera system.

This will remove any temporary errors that may have caused the problem that ended up as error code 90 in your Wyze app.

And this also resets any internal loads clogging the internal components and refreshes the hardware.

To turn your Wyze camera off and on, follow the steps below:

Unplug the cameras from the electrical outlet.

Leave it off and idle for a minute.

Reconnect the cameras to the power outlet.

Leave it on and idle for a minute.

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