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Banned Drinks During Diet – Introduction, Forbidden Drinks and More

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Banned Drinks During Diet – Here is a close correlation between the drinks we have and weight changes, as some drinks help burn fat, while some drinks cause weight gain, so it is recommended not to eat them during a diet.
Learn about a range of banned drinks during diets:

Banned Drinks During the Diet

learn about prohibited drinks during diets, and it is not preferable to eat them because they hinder weight loss as follows:

1. Sweetened Beverages
Sweetened beverages contain a large number of calories, as increased sugars inhibit metabolism and affect the functions of different body organs.

It applies to any sugar-added drink even if it is a healthy drink.

So industrial sugar should not be added to any drinks to harm health and cause weight gain.

2. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are banned during diets because they contain high levels of sugars, are harmful to the body, and cause many long-term health problems.

It is recommended not to drink soft drinks of all kinds even if they are free of sugars, which does not mean that they do not cause weight gain.

3. Canned Juices

A large percentage of sugars are added to canned juices, such as cider, guava juice, etc.

Therefore these are sources of weight gain and contain health-damaging preservatives.

So it is best to avoid them much as possible.

4. Energy Drinks

Energy and sports drinks usually contain many calories, with a large percentage of sugar added to them to become healthy and overweight drinks.

5. Caffeine-Rich Drinks

Some benefits can be obtained from caffeine-rich beverages, such as tea and coffee, provided they are not too many and sugar is not added.

However, if sweetened and full-fat milk is added.

It will be included in banned drinks during a diet that leads to a significant weight gain, especially when you overeat.

Drinks to Have During the Diet

After recognizing prohibited drinks during the diet in return.

You can eat a range of drinks that promote fat burning during a diet:


Water plays a significant and essential role in various body functions, boosting metabolism and helping rid the body of toxins that hinder fat burning.

Therefore, care should be paid to drinking water during diets in large quantities, at least 8 cups per day.
Warm water added to lemon juice drops can be drunk on an empty stomach to promote fat burning.

Green Tea

Although green tea contains caffeine, it is one of the most important drinks that help lose weight. It recommends drinking green tea daily during a diet, provided that you do not add sugar.

Green tea can be eaten more than once a day for its many benefits, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

That reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar increases the burning process of the body but should be taken after dilution with water so as not to cause damage to the body.

To prepare the perfect apple cider vinegar for the diet, add one tablespoon of it to a glass of water and have it once a day.

Green Juice
Green juice can be prepared by adding various vegetables and fruits together, such as parsley, cucumber, apple, and broccoli. Grated ginger can be added to them for further benefit.

These ingredients are blended into an electric blender, then filtered and eaten once a day in the morning.

The advantages of this juice are that it is rich in fiber that helps feel full for a long time, and it saves the body from toxins.

Essential Tips before Drinking During the Diet

To avoid the harmful effects of drinks that fall into prohibited drinks during diets, attention should be paid to some things:

Read Beverage Labels

It is recommended to see beverage labels well before eating them to learn about their ingredients and avoid sugary drinks.

Choose the Right Time for Drinks

The timing of drinks helps promote fat burning, as some drinks are recommended on an empty stomach, such as water with lemon juice and green juice.

Some drinks can also be consumed more than once a day to promote fat burning, such as green tea.

Choose Skimmed Milk

If milk coffee is difficult to dispense with, choose skimmed milk and not eat it more than once a day.

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