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Eating before Exercise and Eating after Exercise

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Health Nutrition Hints


Here are the Top Tips for Eating Before and Eating after Exercise: There are many tips on eating before your workout, eating after exercise, and from what comes next, we will explain the most important and prominent tips for eating before exercise and eating after exercise:

During exercise, the body feels exhausted, but eating before and after exercise can help us with the necessary energy and relieve fatigue during exercise, whether exercise aims to reduce weight or build muscles.

Proper Nutrition before Exercise

Whether you’re a fan of morning or evening exercises or afternoon exercises.

Here are the top tips on what to eat before you do these exercises:

Proper Nutrition for Morning Exercise

In the morning, precisely during the first hour immediately after waking up, the body needs to store energy again after a fast that lasts all night, and here to avoid hunger and prevent low sugar and dizziness, prefers to follow the following:

Snacking includes a few proteins, mainly carbohydrates, that turn into sugars, and we use it as the fuel available to muscles.

Please refrain from eating foods rich in fiber, fatty or excess protein, which weigh heavily on the stomach and make it difficult to exercise.

Do not consume simple sugars such as natural juices that lead to an immediate rise in blood sugar with rapid energy reduction.

So they do not provide energy to the body throughout the training period.

Proper Nutrition for Afternoon Exercise

This exercise time recommends combining a pre-workout meal (between meals) that provides you with fuel. A meal is recommended for approximately one or a half-hour before training.

It includes specifically available starches, such as a meal before morning training.

Proper Nutrition for Evening Training

When training in the evening hours, if you have a late lunch, it recommends that the time difference between meals and exercise time be at least 2-3 hours.

And it is not desirable to reach training without food.

If you have lunch 4-5 hours before exercise, you need an intersessional meal to provide you with starches and energy. On the other hand, it is not preferable to reach training immediately after a hearty meal.

Proper Nutrition after Exercise

Even an hour after training, you have a timely opportunity to recover and develop muscles, so it is advisable to use this period to eat food that goes to the right places, such as a balanced meal that includes: starches, protein, and a little fat necessary.

It is essential to remember that muscle Building and recovery are not done only by the hour after training.

So protein consumption is essential every day and not just with meals that follow training.

As for drinks after exercise, they are just as important as food.

The thirst and fluid loss during training is harmful to most of us and can cause the following:


Muscle spasm.

Difficulty recovery.

Therefore, drinking specific amounts of fluids after any exercise is necessary to compensate for the lost bodily fluids.

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