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Gluten Diet- Reasons, Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid, and More

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Health Nutrition Hints

Gluten Diet

gluten is a kind of protein that originates in wheat berry, rye, and barley. Some people may have health problems related to eating foods, medications, or vitamins containing gluten protein, and a gluten-free diet is followed.

Reasons For A Gluten Diet

here are the most important reasons why a person can’t eat gluten:

1. Celiac Disease

the pericardial or abdominal disease is an autoimmune disease in which a person suffers from the immune system’s intolerance of gluten protein,
so that the presence of gluten in the intestine activates the immune system to attack the lining of the small intestine and affects its ability to absorb essential nutrients, increasing the risk of anaemia, delayed growth, and weight loss.

2. Gluten Allergy Not Associated With Peritectic Disease

in some cases, the patient may develop symptoms of abdominal pain with puff, diarrhea or constipation, headaches but without breaking the lining of the small intestine or affecting its functioning.

It is due to the so-called gluten allergy not being associated with pericardial disease, and the reason for this allergy is not yet apparent.

3. Wheat Allergy

wheat allergy is also an autoimmune disease, but it includes wheat allergies in general, whether it contains gluten or not.

The patient is allergic to wheat and all the proteins and elements it contains, which leads to attacking the immune system of the intestines and the appearance of various symptoms that may reach congestion and shortness of breath.

4. Other Reasons To Follow A Gluten Diet

some of the reasons for pursuing a gluten diet are:

Irritable bowel syndrome.
Microbiome disorder of the digestive tract.

Foods That Can Be Eaten On A Gluten Diet

here are some foods that we can eat because they don’t contain gluten, including:
the meat of various kinds, such as poultry, fish.
Vegetables and fruits.
Most dairy products of all kinds.
Drinks include water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, fruit juice.

Foods To Avoid In The Gluten Diet

here are the essential gluten-containing foods to avoid, including:
Cereal and bread products include: all that contains wheat, rye, barley baked goods, breakfast cereals, or oats.
Pasta in all its forms.
Baked goods, cake, pizza, and gluten-containing biscuits.
Some types of ice cream and chocolate containing gluten.
Alcoholic beverages.
Side effects of gluten fever

A Gluten Diet Can Lead To Some Damage And Side Effects That Include:

Nutritional deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals due to the lack of certain prohibited foods when dieting gluten may lead to the lack and poverty of the body with some essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, and vitamin b3.
Lack of fiber as not eating whole grains containing gluten may decrease the amount of yarn needed for the body, which should be compensated by consulting specialists.
The risk of heart disease increased due to abstinence from whole grains that grow heart health
weight gain due to eating large amounts of sugars, fats, calories, and lack of fiber in the gluten diet.

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