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Nitrogen Fertilizer Crossword Clues and Solution

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Fertilizer Crossword

“FERTILIZER” is a 10-letter word that starts with F and ends with R

Synonyms, crosswords and other words related to FERTILIZER

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suspension – potash

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potassium nitrate

Fertilizer Definition: any substance such as manure or a nitrating mixture used to make the soil more fertile

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Nitrogen Fertilizer Crossword

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Nitrogen Fertilizer Crossword Clue

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Nitrogen Fertilizer Crossword

Nitrogen Fertilizer Crossword Answer List and Hints

Nitrogen-containing nitric acid

SCOOP is the Same as nitrogen.

YEARS Pine trees take years to absorb nitrogen

DENITRIFY Removing or releasing nitrogen.

CARBAZOTIC contain or derive from carbon and nitrogen.

WHIP Impregnate with whip or nitrogen; to embroider.

NITROGENIZING Combining or impregnating with nitrogen or its compounds.

AZOTOMETER Devices for measuring or determining the percentage of nitrogen; a nitrometer.

NITROGEN Of or similar to nitrogen; as, a nitrogenous principle; nitrogen compounds.

AZO: loosely applied to compounds that have nitrogen combined in various ways, such as in cyanides, nitrates, etc.

HYPONITROSIS Nitrogen contains or is derived from nitrogen of lower valency than nitrous compounds.

NITRIFICATION The action, process, or result of association with nitrogen or any of its compounds.

NITRIDE A binary nitrogen compound containing a more metallic element or radical like, boron nitride

AZÓTICO About azote or nitrogen; formed or composed of the whip; Nitric acid; nitrogen gas; Azotic Acid.

NITROGEN-FREE Without nitrogen; as, a non-nitrogenous principle; a nitrogen-free food. See Note on Food, #1.

DENITRIFICATION The act or process of releasing nitrogen; also the condition resulting from nitrogen removal.

AETOGEN A compound of nitrogen and boron which, when heated in front of the blowgun, gives a brilliant phosphorescence; boron nitride.

NITROMETER Devices for determining the amount of nitrogen or one of its compounds in a substance to be analyzed, an azotometer.


NITRIFY is To combine or impregnate with nitrogen.

Then,  convert to nitrous or nitric acid by oxidation.

Also,  subject to nitrification or produced by nitrification.

AMMONIA is a fine gaseous compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, NH3, with a spicy taste and odour: — often referred to as alkali and staghorn volatile spirits.

NITROSES  refers to or designates any compounds in which nitrogen has a relatively lower valency than nitrogen compounds.

PLASTER Calcined gypsum or stucco, especially ground, is used to manufacture ornaments, figurines, mouldings, etc., or calcined gypsum used as a fertilizer.

OXIDE A binary compound of oxygen-containing an atom or radical

Or a combination that is considered binary, such as iron oxide, ethyl oxide, nitric oxide, etc.

Then, the GALACTIN An amorphous, gelatinous, nitrogenous substance found in milk and other animal fluids

Also, it is similar to peptone and is variously thought of as a coagulant or emulsifier.

TETRAZO- A combined form (also used as an adjective) denoting a set of double derivatives of azo and diazo compounds containing four nitrogen atoms.

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