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Organic Food – Definition, Benefits, Dietitian Suggestion and More

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Organic Food is agriculture that produces agricultural products taking values and soil conservation into natural account.

Organic foods are producing through organic means, from irrigation to supplements and fertilizers to animal and plant growth stimuli.  Agriculture rejects chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, drugs, preservatives, colorings, and genetic engineering, encouraging accelerated growth and high productivity.

Benefits of Organic Food

The most important benefits of organic foods and the critical advantages in maintaining environmental balance through consuming foods that are more healthy and nutritious.

The need to produce organic Food has become urgent as the use of pesticides.

Chemicals that protect crops from harmful pests and whose consumption harms our health over time have increased.

Washing and peeling fruit or vegetables are not always enough because most toxic substances absorb into the plant itself.

But in organic agriculture, they are keen to raise organic foods naturally, without using pesticides, genetic engineering, preservatives, and medicines

That can harm our health and environment. Plants and animals are raising and treating with natural substances and in an improved living environment.

Fruit and vegetables are raising in a season because they are bred.

It can be done in optimal conditions in terms of temperatures, humidity, and their ability to deal with pests naturally is greater.

In addition, there is a keenness to raise livestock by natural means without medicines, antibiotics, hormones, and forced feeding methods. Animals are treating in natural ways and by alternative medicine methods designed to prevent diseases as well.

They are raising in improving living conditions in large areas, allowing them to move and reduce the numerical density that increases the risk of spreading diseases and feeds on organic foods.

Specifically designed to meet their needs and contain no animal ingredients.

Dietitian Suggestion

Clinical dietitians claim that consuming organic foods with higher essential vitamins and minerals

Antioxidants can positively affect our health over time and contain lower waste and unwanted toxins.

However, it is necessary to ensure that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, even from an informed source, has more incredible benefits than the risk of consuming pesticides that they may contain.

To reduce exposure to pesticides, we can consume season fruits that are more resistant and require less spraying, as well as there, are crops that, thorough washing with soap and water

Partially remove pesticides in them. Carrots, potatoes, and bananas, thereby reducing the number of pesticide residues.

Four Principles on Which Organic Food Depends

The first principle is the principle of health, which says that organic agriculture is responsible for preserving and caring for the health and details of ecosystems in which they take place, as a single unit.

Which includes soil, plants, animals, human beings, and the globe.

The second principle on which organic foods depend is the ecological-environmental principle

Which urges organic agriculture to adapt itself to the natural biological cycles of the environment for natural balance and recycling. Of course, these courses are global, but their activities are specific to the location of agricultural activity.

Third, a reasonable level of justice maintaining with partners working in organic agriculture, including among farmers themselves, workers, distributors, and consumers

Empowering all parties involving in establishing a better quality of life.

The fourth principle is the principle of supervision and control, which states that organic agriculture must be carried out with extreme caution and a sense of responsibility to protect human beings’ health

And also, quality of life through generations and the environment in which they live.


Therefore, along with the health and environmental benefits of breeding and consuming organic food, we must keep in mind.

And also, organic products are still more expensive, although they have also become distributed in regular stores and also at affordable prices

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