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Sesame oil for cough: is it beneficial? Cough is one of the most common health problems with many causes, and there are many options in how to treat cough, including the use of medications or the use of natural prescriptions.

One standard natural prescription is sesame oil for cough, so what is the validity of its effectiveness in treating cough? Is it effective? Details:

A pharmacological study was conducted to measure the effectiveness of sesame oil treatment for cough and was conducted on 107 children with cough aged 2-12 years.

The results showed improved cough symptoms for children who consumed sesame oil three days after starting treatment compared to children who did not take sesame oil.

As a final result, however, the improvement in symptoms was not so significantly observed that sesame oil cannot be confirmed to be very effective in treating cough. Still, on the contrary, sesame oil has several other benefits for human health but is not an effective treatment for cough.

Although there is little information on the benefits of sesame oil for cough, it has several other potential benefits, including:

Reducing High Blood Pressure

One study showed that replacing cooking oil with sesame oil reduces pressure for people with high blood pressure.

It is also recommended to be used simultaneously with pressure medications to lower blood pressure better.

Raise the Level of Good Fat

Sesame oil is one of the oils rich in unsaturated fats and very little saturated fat.

Sesame oil is a particularly beneficial oil for heart patients and helps keep cholesterol at normal.

Helps Healthy Sleep

One of the most critical steps recommended to add to your daily bedtime routine is a foot massage.

Using one teaspoon of sesame oil to grease your feet before bed helps you relax and get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Improves Oral and Dental Health

We can place on teeth and gums for 10 minutes as it helps to get rid of bacteria in the mouth and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Improves Bone Health

Sesame oil cannot compare to sesame seeds, as sesame seeds are very beneficial for bone health.

Improves Skin Health

sesame oil contains zinc as it is very useful in collagen production to give human skin flexibility and help increase bone mass density.

Helps get Rid of Constipation

Eating one or two tablespoons of sesame oil helps get rid of constipation and soften the intestines.

Maintains Healthy Hair

Sesame oil contains vitamin b, vitamin e, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, beneficial to hair and scalp.

All you have to do is massage the fingertips on the scalp using sesame oil and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water for shiny and healthy hair.

Helps Fight Oxidative Factors

sesame oil contains many antioxidants that protect humans from the various oxidative elements that occur within the human body and lead to disease and aging.

Heat Tolerance

olive oil and coconut oil are beneficial oils but burn when exposed to high temperatures.

It produces unhealthy and harmful substances to humans.

Sesame oil can withstand high temperatures when used for cooking, so it is a healthier and safer option.

Distinguish it with Delicious Taste

sesame oil is delicious, with many people using sesame oil to prepare Chinese, Korean and Indian dishes. It is best to put sesame oil in the fridge to keep it taste for more extended periods.

Sesame Oil Caveats

After knowing the fact that sesame oil is used for cough, it is necessary to mention the caveats for eating sesame oil, which includes:

Eating sesame oil may cause an increase in body weight.

Eating sesame oil may increase your risk of colon cancer.

Having sesame oil can cause allergies to some people who may be severe for allergic shock.

Eating sesame oil can cause diarrhea.

Therefore, It is preferable to avoid taking it for the pregnant woman because it may cause miscarriage.

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