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Trade Home Shoes – Description and Trade Home Shoes Reviews

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What are Trade Home Shoes?

Trade Home Shoes is a 100% employee-owned, service-oriented retailer of quality footwear.

In the locations throughout the heartland of the United States, we have become an integral part of the communities we serve.

History of Trade Home Shoes

In 1921, two best friends, Al Mains and Cecil Ginsberg, were looking for a business opportunity.

They see a man who is looking for investors for his shoe store.

These men realized that their main competition was mail-ordering companies like Montgomery Wards and Sears Roebuck.

To encourage your potential customers to buy from the local community.

Also, they thought of the name “Trade at Home”.

Then they shortened it to one word: “Trade home”.

And so Trade home shoes began in 1921, and the Tradehome name remains to this day.

It was family-owned until 1999 when nine people who had worked their way up in the business bought it.

His succession plans include adding other Tradehome employees to the property.

TradeHome offers endless growth opportunities for the individuals to work their way up through management.

Also, it offers district management, a regional supervision, a buying position, and possibly even ownership.

All it takes is the desire and hard work.

From two shoe stores in 1921 to more than 120 stores in 2022

TradeHome’s survival and growth success was summed up by its former owner, Donald Mains, in one word: people.

“People mean our customers, and the excellent customer service sets us apart from other operations.

People also mean the entire business organization with the skill and attitude that has ensured our success all these years. ”

It focuses on customer service, which sets TradeHome apart from all other competitors, both past and present.

Your focus on “people” is why TradeHome is here today!


More About Trade Home Shoes

Who is the CEO of TradeHome Shoes?

Justin kehrwald

How many employees do Tradehome shoes have?

975 Employees in total

Company Description

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. is located in Cottage Grove, MN, USA and is part of the shoe stores.

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. has 975 employees across all locations and has sales of $115.97 million (USD).

Who is the primary customer of TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc.?

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. by Justin Kehrwald is Justin Kehrwald

In what year did Tradehome Shoe Stores, Inc. start?

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. began in 1921

In what year was TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. incorporated?

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. was incorporated in 1976

How much does TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc. generate in sales?

TradeHome Shoe Stores, Inc.’s revenue is $115.97 million

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