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Yogurt helps improve digestion in lactose intolerant

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  1. Yogurt and lactose: a beneficial relationship

Did you know that a glass of yogurt has less lactose about a glass of milk? Before entering this question fully, we will review the basic terms and conceptualize them to understand the context of this article, about the relationship of yogurt and lactose. So, let’s remember a little what is lactose ? and what is lactose intolerance ?

As we maxim in a previous article [1], lactose is a that is, a union formed by a molecule of glucose (sugar) and another of  (simple sugar) [2]. It is also popularly known as milk sugar.

The lactose intolerance is an intestinal disorder, due to the inability of the intestine to digest lactose (own milk sugar) and turning through an enzyme called lactase , in its simplest constituents: glucose and galactose [1] .

Yogurt and lactose: can I have dairy if I am lactose intolerant?

Considering all these concepts, the rigorous question remains: Should lactose intolerant people not consume dairy? Or if? According to nutrition experts and scientific studies , dairy be consum depending on the type of intolerance diagnosed. For this, it is important to know the three types of intolerance .

The manifestation of lactose intolerance symptoms depends on the dose of lactose consumed.

Many of the treatments suggest that a diet without dairy products could lead to an inadequate intake of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, leading to the deterioration of the bone system, so nutrition experts always promote a diet that does not eliminate dairy in people with lactose intolerance [6].

Yogurt and dairy: a beneficial relationship?

And what is the role of yogurt in this nutritional problem? They have a lower amount of lactose so people with lactose intolerance much better tolerate it . In addition, those yogurts with probiotics have be show to have a beneficial effect on intestinal function, gas metabolism and motility.

This is because yogurt results from lactic fermentation of lactic cultures inoculated into milk, mainly thermophilus and delbrueckii, which participate in the hydrolysis of lactose both during fermentation processes and after ingestion of the disaccharide.In this way, studies indicate that yogurt becomes very similar to taking a supplement with lactase and improves the digestion of milk sugar.

On the other hand, thanks to its osmolarity, density and viscosity, yogurt delays gastric emptying and intestinal transit, which causes a supply of lactose to the intestine that is slower than aqueous milk solutions, thus optimizing the action of β-galactosidase. residual in the small intestine. [7]

Why is yogurt recommended for lactose intolerant people?

We explain it to you below

  1. Because the lactic cultures in yogurt help to break down part of the lactose and, therefore, to digest it much more effectively.
  2.   Because yogurt contains less lactose than dairy in general, most intolerant people can metabolize it without any problem.
  3.   and Because it provides calcium, which together with lactic acid, becomes more absorbable for our digestive system.
  4.   Because it favors digestion through its probiotics, maintaining a proper balance in the intestinal microbiota .

And for all that, yogurt becomes an ally and a reliable food for people with lactose intolerance who want to consume calcium and maintain a balanced diet! In addition, its exquisite flavor makes our body receive it with greater satisfaction!

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Let’s note the most important points in this article and share the information with people with lactose intolerance . A delicious Yogurt Gloria can empower your diet! Enjoy your meal and enjoy a delicious yogurt!

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