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Benefits of Selenium for Hair – Introduction, Benefits and More

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What are the benefits of selenium for hair in particular? get to know her here: Selenium is an essential element that plays an indispensable role in many biological functions, such as forming thyroid hormones, DNA manufacturing, and fertility enhancement.

Prominent Benefits of Selenium for Hair

Promote Hair Growth

Selenium is a mineral that may help promote and stimulate hair growth. As noted in a scientific review, selenium enters the formation of hair. The hair takes the elements it needs from the blood, absorbs selenium. And also, retains it in its composition during the curvature.

Prevent Hair Loss

A clinical trial of ovarian cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy showed a significant reduction in hair loss in patients who took selenium supplements, indicating that selenium intake is a supportive element during chemotherapy.

Therefore, early symptoms of selenium deficiency in infants also include hair loss. And also, alopecia, which can alleviate when treating patients with sufficient selenium.

Hair Dye Recovery

One study shows that some patients who were fully injected without being given selenium supplements lost their hair dye.
However, after 6-12 months of intravenous selenium treatment, they could recover the hair dye.

Treatment of Dandruff

Selenium is involved in preparing a therapeutic shampoo containing selenium sulfide, which belongs to the anti-infective category. And also, works by slowing the growth of infective fungi.

This drug is used to treat dandruff and a particular scalp infection called sebum dermatitis, which reduces the scalp’s itching, peeling, irritability, and redness.

Selenium sulfide is also used to treat a pathological condition that causes skin discoloration called tinea versicolor.

Other Selenium Benefits

In addition to having selenium benefits for hair, there are other potential benefits for the body in general, such as:

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, prevents age-related cognitive decline. And also, improves cognitive function due to selenium anti-oxidative stress activity.

Promoting thyroid function and preventing its diseases contributes to regulating the functioning of thyroid hormones.

Reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Protection from asthma.

Therefore, reduce the risk of certain types of cancer as a result of its role in DNA repair.

How do I get Selenium?

Selenium concentrations in plant foods vary depending on geographical location. And also, soil conditions.

Good natural food sources of selenium include:

Nuts, such as Brazilian walnuts, camel eye walnuts.

Many freshwaters and saltwater fish, such as tuna, cod, red snapper. And also, herring.

Beef and poultry.



Milk and other dairy products.

Bread and cereals.

Recommended Selenium Doses

The maximum safe limit of selenium is 400 micrograms per day in adults, and any dose beyond this amount is an overdose. And also, the following selenium doses  recommend depending on the age group for selenium benefits for hair:

Age group

Daily selenium dose

Children aged 1-3 years – 20 micrograms

Children aged 4-8 years – 30 micrograms

Aged between 9-13 – 40 micrograms

Children and adults aged 14 and over – 55 mcg

Pregnant women – 60 micrograms

Nursing women – 70 micrograms

Selenium Damage

Despite the benefits of selenium for hair and body, it can cause unwanted side effects when taken in redundant doses. And also, medical assistance should be sought immediately if any of the following side effects appear:


Breath and sweat resemble the smell of garlic.

Hair loss.

Weakness and Fragility of nails.

Irritability and Emotion.

Itchy skin.

Nausea and Vomiting.

Unusually Tired. And also, Fatigued.

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