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Diet of Values in Detail – Introduction, Number of Values and More

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Recently, the so-called diet values in detail that help lose weight have spread, as this type of diet does not require calculating the calories consumed or the amount of fat and starches.

But what is the diet of values in detail? details in the following:

What is the Number of Values in Detail?

The idea of dieting is simple and easy, as this type of diet depends on consuming three main mealtimes a day and one or two meals.

Everyone is free to choose the type of meals and different foods provide that the values do not exceed 18 bites per meal, and it should be noted that the values must be small and equal to one moderate-sized fork.

When talking about dieting in detail, you should choose the foods consumed intelligently.

You should think carefully when drinking 16 values of cream pie at lunchtime, and 18 deals of lasagna for dinner, as these foods are not healthy at all and may hinder weight loss.

Dieting is a type of diet that reduces calories but by counting values and not just counting calories.
Although dieting is effective in losing weight, nutritionists believe it’s not easy to apply.

What is a Five-value diet?

A Five-value diet is a type of diet, which means reducing the number of values consumed to only 5 per meal so that the five-value diet works to lose weight with similar effectiveness to remove part of the stomach altogether.

The five diets include a maximum consumption value of 10-12 for a maximum value throughout the day.

They can start with this diet immediately or gradually reduce the number of values within days or weeks, not directly.

The type of food consumed should not be specified in this type of diet, but it is preferable to consume

protein-rich foods, such as:




Dairy products.

Full pulses.

It is possible to eat for a maximum value or two between meals only.

Tips on Numbering Values

Here are some guidelines to follow while applying the diet for the best results:

Drink water

Be careful to drink water and liquids, especially low in calories, as consuming different drinks helps reduce hunger and keep your body hydrated.

Consumption of Different Types of Foods

It is possible to eat all the values allowed for lunch of one kind, but it is preferable to diversify the types of food consumed to feel full and get the most nutrients.

Taking Supplements

Diets depend on eating minimal amounts of food, so you can’t get the whole nutrients and minerals by following this diet, especially for a long time.

It is recommended to consume each of the supplements containing vitamins or omega-3 while following the diet of the values to give the human energy to do different functions.

Eat Proteins

It is effortless to eat values once carbohydrates and fat-filled foods are consumed, but not dispense with protein consumption is recommended.

Snack between meals

One or two bites are allowed between meals when hungry while following a diet.

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