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Drinks for healthy and moisturizing skin – Introduction and More

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Health Nutrition Hints


Drinks for healthy and moisturizing skin in this article and exclusively on the first diet magazine in the world of fitness health and beauty learn about the most important natural drinks that help moisturize the body and skin

Dry skin can make the skin look boring, it is very clear that dry skin needs to moisturize and even oily skin also needs to moisturize, no matter the season, the moisturizer is essential for beautiful skin, moisturizer can be used every day to glow the skin and provide deep hydration, UV sunshine along with dry winter, can cause a lot of damage to the skin, making it very dry.

This leads to further dehydration, itching, dry spots. And many other skin problems, if you want your skin free of these problems, you will need to moisturize daily. Although there are many moisturizers available. You can make them at home as well. these refreshments contain fresh nutrients and can provide amazing results

Healthy Drinks for Healthy and Moisturizing Skin

Green Tea

Many cosmetic and obesity experts recommend the need to follow diets including daily green tea to get its amazing benefits. As green tea is a beverage whose aesthetic uses are numerous because it contains natural elements that. The body needs to maintain its health and beauty. And elements that are available with green tea and qualify it to be an essential element for beautifying the body

Antioxidants help clean the body from the toxins stored in it and burn the fat accumulated in it.


Cocoa is one of the most common drinks in winter to help warm and nourish. Body cocoa is a delicious beverage that we can eat to maintain. The health and youth of the body because it contains natural ingredients.

Elements that protect the body from various diseases and aesthetic problems. Cocoa carries many natural elements that help moisturize the skin and nourish it with the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Cold Coffee

Cold coffee is one of the most delicious and popular drinks in the world, which many people prefer to eat in the morning to enjoy a better mental activity that enables them to carry out their daily tasks easily. And coffee has multiple aesthetic and health benefits that qualify it as a recommended drink to take care of the beauty of the body.

Drink a cup of your favorite coffee daily for body coffee care, because coffee protects the skin from the various damages to toxins that enter the body as it carries a wonderful amount of coffee antioxidants that protect the body from toxins and purify the skin.


Tomatoes are versatile fruits that contain high levels of nutritional value, and scientific studies have shown that eating tomato juice protects against the risk of various cancers and enhances the body with the elements it needs to keep its youth and attractiveness.

Recipes for Softening and Moisturizing your Body

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil recipe is mixed with four tablespoons of coconut oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice well, preferably put the mixture freely until the ingredients are completely mixed, then place in a  box in the refrigerator, and use it with the body fat twice a day in the morning and evening, and with this recipe continued to get moist, soft and radiant skin.

Recipe Sweet Almond Oil

By mixing five tablespoons of sweet almond oil with the same amount of brown or white sugar, then add a tablespoon of vanilla powder.

And then mix the ingredients well together, and then apply the whole body with the recipe and left for ten minutes, then wash it with warm water, dry the body, then apply any moisturizing cream or oil for the body.

Tamarind Recipe

Mixes ten tablespoons of ground tamarind with two tablespoons of vaseline well. Then add six tablespoons of sugar or salt, four tablespoons of olive oil.

2 tablespoons of lavender oil, lemon juice, and hot water. But, Mix the ingredients well, and keep in an airtight bowl for three days.

After which the mixture distributes to the whole body after bathing, leave for an hour.

After which it is wash with lukewarm water. And with the repetition of that recipe three times a week the body will become soft and silky

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