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Health Nutrition Hints


Foods you shouldn’t buy frozen – Many people purchase frozen foods instead of preparing them in advance, as they are pre-equipped to be easily used as soon as they are purchased.

But some foods can harm health if purchased and are frozen. Here are the highlights of these foods.

Dairy Products

When dissolving frozen milk products, they will contain water because they are rich in fat and therefore cannot be used in various foods and beverages.

The best is to buy fresh milk products kept in refrigerators for safekeeping on the market, and the validity date must be ascertained before purchasing them.

It applies to various dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.


Potatoes contain a large percentage of water, so storing them in the freezer changes their texture to become fresher and tastes terrible.

It applies to uncooked potatoes and french fries completely, so they should not be purchased frozen.

Fried Foods

Frozen semi-fried foods, which are easy to complete later, can be bought without changing their taste.

But if the foods are fully fried, they should not be purchased because they will become soft, and taste will change if heated and eaten.


when the eggs are frozen, the water content inside will expand, cracking the outer shell, exposing the eggs to bacteria.

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy frozen eggs, frozen at home after purchase.

It is kept in or out of the cooler if the temperature is good and not high.

Vegetables and Fruits

Various vegetables and fruits contain high water levels, such as celery, cucumbers, melons, etc. Freezing them, as usual, can make them soft and unusable.

However, frozen vegetables can be purchased that are boiled.

Some substances that help maintain their strength can be added, and these vegetables are not refrozen after dissolving.


It is not recommended to buy any frozen ready meals because they will not taste the same while fresh, and it is not recommended to freeze takeaways at home for later.

It applies to various takeaways such as meat, fish, poultry, and other dishes such as rice, pasta, salad, and others.


Some stores offer frozen and chopped onions for easy use, but it is not recommended to buy them because onions contain high levels of water that change nature when dissolved after freezing.

It is not difficult to cut onions manually or through a food processor, ensuring that their flavor and texture are preserved.


There is no problem buying rice or cooked and frozen pasta.

But freezing causes the taste and textures of these foods to change.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy rice, pasta, and raw starches and cook them at home in a suitable amount, and they can be kept in the radiator instead of the freezer for reheat and use the next day.


Garlic is easy to use when chopped and frozen, so many stores offer frozen and chopped garlic.

However, it is not recommended to buy frozen garlic because freezing it affects its taste and texture significantly.

The best is to buy fresh garlic, peel, and mince it just before using it.

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