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Healthy Eating Rules – Check Food Causes, How to Get Rid and More

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Check Food Causes

Healthy eating Rules  is to avoid feeling of a strong desire to eat, due to psychological and health reasons at the same time, and often due to the inability of a person to control himself.

Sometimes the body needs to eat; although god created it to protect against hunger, eating a small amount of food or fast-digesting food leads to a strong desire to eat a higher amount of food.

Foods that increase the desire to eat include sugars and carbohydrates.

also, one of the causes of cravings to eat is the psychological state, and we’re feeling angry, sad, or anxious, and depressed causes hunger

How To Get Rid Of Food Lust

– eat protein when feeling very willing to eat candy or chocolate can eat yogurt and wait for a third of an hour, and if you continue to want to eat candy can eat a small piece of it and drink two cups of water.

Protein intake also helps to feel full and reduces the desire to eat sugars. Studies have shown that eating protein-containing weight loss diets increases satiety for a long time and increases brain signals that give happiness.

Breathing Deeply Three Times.

Breathing exercises are a practical step when you feel like eating, breathing deeply three times, and then asking the same person if they want to eat because of hunger or feeling sad.

Because that question helps to know why you feel like eating, since the mind is the key to the body, and when a person notices what to eat and what to eat will stop eating for psychological reasons, especially if he wants to lose weight.

To know your eating habits and style of eating and to note this helps to get rid of the lust for eating, for example, seeing a friend as a habit to go out with him to eat, may cause a feeling of desire to eat, despite not being hungry, and when you notice this will not eat.

Changing The Way You Think

most ideas are affected, especially by the nature of man’s vision of things.

Changing the way you see and think changes ideas; for example, if a person sees his favourite sweets, he can tell himself he will get later in another opportunity, the mind will believe this trick, and the desire to eat those sweets will subside.

Writing Healthy Eating Rules

with a feeling of wanting to eat after midnight, the reason for this can be written in a paper, for example when you feel like eating at 3:00 a.m., he writes in an article, am I hungry? What’s the real reason? Then he keeps the paper and forgets the feeling of hunger until he later reminds himself that he has overcome that feeling, which will stimulate a repetition.

He Asks Himself, What’s Going To Happen In 20 Minutes.

Eating is known to eliminate hunger, but eating it for psychological reasons such as anger or sadness will not affect these feelings because they will continue, so man must think about what will happen in 20 minutes. Will food eliminate these feelings or not?

You should also think about eating healthy food because it will help next time, as studies have shown that thinking about a type of food attracts a person.

Healthy Eating Rules On Entertainment

it’s best to spend time for yourself to entertain; for example, when you’re nervous, you can take a warm bath or practice yoga to relieve stress and anxiety.

Man doesn’t have to tell himself that a bit of piece won’t affect

when you feel a strong desire to eat chocolate; you can eat a small part of it. However, he should eat the right amount of food not to feel hungry, but if he has appetite disorders, one doctor specializing in nutrition.

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