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How to Store Olive Oil? Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fats so that it can be saved and stored longer than other oils, but of course, if done the right way.

Oliva oil is of great importance in the Arab world, especially during the olive harvest.

But do you know how to save this helpful oil in the right and proper ways? Here’s how to keep the right olive oil in what comes and essential information about olive oil?

It is necessary to treat olive oil gently to maintain it and its many benefits.

So it is recommended to follow the following methods of preserving olive oil:

Store Olive Oil at a Moderate Temperature

It is vital to take care of room temperature when keeping olive oil, meaning that it does not increase above 14°c.

If the kitchen is hotter than usual, it is possible to keep olive oil in the refrigerator.

As it is helpful to keep olive oil in the fridge in:

Olive oil stays in value longer, except for the new type, premium extra-virgin.

Olive oil becomes firm, and therefore difficult to pour, reducing the dirt of the kitchen with every poured coin, and once returned to room temperature, it will return to normal, so you don’t have to worry.

A small amount of olive oil can be placed in a custom container in the kitchen to facilitate its use, with air and light prevented from entering it.

If you don’t want to keep olive oil in the fridge, keep it by following the following tips:

Put olive oil in a low-temperature place.

Keep olive oil away from any source of heat, such as fire, sunlight.

Save Olive Oil with Glass and Dark Bottles

Olive oil should be stored in very dark containers and done by painting the dark-colored glass packaging or buying packages for this purpose.

Olive oil is kept in dark containers because it retains its nutritional value, as its exposure to light loses some essential values.

As for keeping olive oil in steel containers is possible. This is how to store Olive oil.

But the steel used must be stainless steel or do not interact with olive oil.

Keep Olive Oil Away from the Air

The olive oil bottle should be closely sealed after use to prevent air exposure, as air contact with olive oil reduces its benefits and lose some of the antioxidants it contains.

To achieve this advice in preserving olive oil, it is preferable to pour oil in small containers.

Use each when needed, and promise always to expose the large bottle of olive oil to air.

Other Tips for Storing Olive Oil

Follow the following information for ideally saving olive oil 100%:
Avoid keeping olive oil in iron or copper cans so that no chemical reactions result in toxic substances that may harm your health.

Keeping olive oil in plastic cans is very harmful, as the oil can absorb toxic substances from these cans.
Please avoid mixing olive oil with other vegetable oils, so it’s less valuable and tastes change.

Best Olive Oil: Old or New?

It is worth mentioning that olive oil does not become better as it ages but decomposes.

It increases the level of acidity in it and its taste changes.

Olive oil is recommended within one year of the olive age if you want the best taste and benefit from olive oil.

The best period for olive oil is 2-3 months after its time, so you should pay close attention to this.

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